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Supply chain management reduces inefficiencies such as time, inventories and cost. The scope includes delivering superior customer service and financially viable value through synchronized management and the flow of physical cargos and associated information from source to consumption. We provide exclusive warehouse unit for each customers. Our scope includes land transportation, customs clearance, cargo handling & storage, inventory management and delivery of cargo within Oman and GCC region.


■ 3PL & 4PL Services
■ Re-working and modifications
■ Repacking, wrapping and packing
■ Picking and sorting
■ Barcoding, labeling, and scanning
■ Case packed distribution
■ Warehousing and inventory management
■ Documentation & Customs clearance
■ Transportation
■ Door delivery to end user


■ Facilities in Sohar PEIE,
■ Integrated software system developed in-house
■ Racked warehouse facility
■ Staging and reworking areas
■ Operational with forklifts & loading bays
■ Warehousing & distribution services provider under ambient/cool/cold chain
■ Open yard facility for outside storage
■ Designated space for handling value added services

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