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Inspection Support Services (ISS) is a customized conceptual service which would help Customs and other inspection officials to enhance the accuracy of inspection by destuffing and restuffing it from/to the container or trailer before clearing from the bonded area at the port or borders.


■ Providing inspection support services with the aid of well trained staff and cargo handling equipment at inspection bay at ports & terminals
■ DE stuffing and re-stuffing of all types of cargo such as palletized, non-palletized, crated, cases, loose, etc
■ Maintaining out-turn report right from opening of container till closing and fixing of new seal in accordance with the inspection officials
■ ERP system put in place for maintaining records and issuing vouchers with digital signatures of cargo agents

Facilities & Strength

■ Specially trained Loading & Unloading Helpers, Forklift operator, Tally clerk and Foremen and a Supervisor
■ State of the art cargo handling equipment such as Forklifts, electric pallet stackers, portable hydraulic electrical ramp and hydraulic pallet jack and other cargo handling equipment and tools
■ Average handling of 150 containers per day and with record handling of 300 containers per day

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