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  • Freight Forwarding
    The Freight forwarding team handles movement
    of cargo from any global origin or destination, be
    it by sea, air, land or multimodal.
  • Land Transportation
    Land Transportation Department has been providing full
    loads and services within the GCC.
  • Container Freight Station
    CFS today has become a landmark success for the Arkan Sohar,
    located in the prime locations in Sohar.
  • Supply Chain Management
    Supply chain management reduces inefficiencies such
    as time, inventories and cost.
  • Customs Clearance
    Arkan Sohar has deployed well experienced Customs
    Clearance officers to guide customers on Customs
    formalities and procedures.
  • Industrial Crating & Lashing
    We provide Industrial Packing Crating & Lashing solutions within Oman.
    We specialize in lashing vehicle be it a light or heavy.
  • Turn-key Logistics Solutions
    We provide end to end logistics solution for export and import of cargos.
    It reduces inefficiencies such as time, inventories and cost of customers.
  • Inspection Support Services
    Inspection Support Services (ISS) is a customized conceptual
    service which would help Customs and other inspection officials
    to enhance the accuracy of inspection.
  • Port Handling Services
    Port Handling Services (PHS) is a familiar services which can
    be served either at container or General Cargo terminal.

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